About Venfruca

Venezolana de Frutas, C.A. (VENFRUCA), was established in October 1987, is located in Barquisimeto Lara state, is one of the most solid and important companies in the area of ​​fruit processing in Venezuela with a trajectory of more than 30 years producing pulps and concentrates of very high quality.

VENFRUCA, is also a leading company in the manufacture of products derived from citrus fruits such as orange and pineapple, and the pulping of other fruits in an industrial level, which serve as a basis for the preparation of juices, baby food, ice cream, jams and beverages for all our customers. It is an organization in frank growth in the national market and now venturing into the international market.



VENFRUCA, wants to be recognized as a leading company in the processing of quality fruits and vegetables.



We are a company dedicated to the processing and commercialization of fruits, vegetables and other quality derivatives, in the national and international market.



  • Development of human talent.
  • Development of our agricultural suppliers.
  • Consolidated quality management system.
  • Being socially responsible
  • The efficiency and effectiveness in the productive processes.
  • Process innovation Provision of services.

RIF: J-08522510-2

Zona Industrial III,
Carrera 2 con Calle 8
EDO. LARA - Venezuela

Telf.: +58 (0241) 452 25 00 (Central)

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